Boston Strong

What a week it has been. Over the past five days, we have seen a glimpse of humanity at its worst followed by the overwhelming response of humanity at its best. We have learned that in the face of evil, good will always prevail. We have realized the prevalence of heroes existing among us. We have been reminded of the sacrifice that our first responders are willing to make to protect us.

In this time of celebration, we must remember that there is a long road ahead for the 175 people that were injured in this ordeal. For them, this is just the beginning. We cannot forget the 4 victims and their families as they begin their healing process.

I hope that this city continues to band together as Bostonians and remembers this feeling of city pride. Not just the pride we feel when celebrating one of our teams’ championships. But the unity between people from every part of this great city. I hope that in honor of those who were sacrificed we continue helping one another as we have these past five days. We are Boston. We are Boston strong.



2 thoughts on “Boston Strong

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