City Landing

The other day my friend and I made our 2nd visit to City Landing on the Greenway. City Landing opened last summer when Sel De La Terre closed right near the Aquarium. I personally think that this restaurant has some of the best food in the city of Boston. The menu features a wide selection of intriguing options with many on the healthier side. This restaurant also feature a huge gluten free and vegetarian menu.

On this visit my friend and I split the Crisp Calamari with a sweet chili drizzle and the White Pizzetta that had chicken-apple sausage, oven-cured tomatoes, portabellas and arugula.

Crispy calamari from City Landing

White Pizette from City Landing

It seems that the people of Boston have yet to discover City Landing but with food this good, I’m sure that it’s just a matter of time until this becomes a popular destination. Also with Nebo opening just down the street, the Financial District is becoming a hot spot for weekend eats.


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