Blue Dragon

After attending Boston Bites Back at Fenway Park last week, my friends and I decided it was about time we tried event organizer Ming Tsai’s newest restaurant Blue Dragon. Located just down the street from us in the Fort Point neighborhood, this is Ming’s second restaurant venture. His first, Wellesley’s Blue Ginger, is known for its delectable entrees. Though I haven’t had the chance to visit Blue Ginger I was fortunate enough to stop by Blue Dragon not once, but twice in the past week. The menu consists of smaller plates which are perfect for sharing and gives the diner a chance to try numerous items in one visit. TWO visits to Blue Dragon allowed me to try a good number of items on the menu.

On my first visit, my friends and I sampled a few drinks from the drink menu to start. They weren’t exactly what us 27 year olds were used to as the drinks were extremely flavorful and well thought out.  Between the three of us, we sampled the Gimlet, Haumea and one drink that consisted of Sake, Bourbon and Sweet Potato. The plethora of flavors that came through in these drinks were an indication that an amazing meal was in store for us.

We started with the Whipped Hummus with Spiced Pita Chips, Braised Beef and Chinese Celery Potstickers and Kung Pao Asparagus. The spices in the pita chips brought great flavor to the snack while the potstickers melted in our mouths.

Our next course consisted of Bison Mini Burgers with Teriyaki Caramelized Onions and Shiitakes, Himachi Kama (below left) and Garlic-Sake Clams with Udon Noodles (below right). We were overwhelmed by the menu so these were the items that our waiter recommended to us. I think he advised well because when Ming Tsai himself stopped by our table he was pleased with the plates we had chosen.

Hamachi Kama from Blue DragonGarlic-Sake Udon from Blue Dragon

We couldn’t resist dessert after seeing a few waiters walk by with this amazing looking treat. There is only one dessert on the menu and for good reason you would be making a huge mistake if you ordered anything else! How amazing does this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Served Warm and Topped with Ice Cream and Soy Caramel Sauce look?

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Blue Dragon

On my second visit to Blue Dragon (a mere two days later) I reordered some of my favorites from my first visit so that a different group of friends could experience them but I got to try a few new items as well. This time we ordered the Lobster Bahn Mi special that I totally forgot to order the first time. We also tried the Crab Rangoons with Uni Sauce which were nothing like the cream cheese filled version you’re used to. They were like pockets of crab encased in a lightly fried skin. I am not a crab rangoon fan because of the “traditional” version we know from Chinese restaurants but I’ll eat Ming’s rangoons anytime! We also ordered the Hamachi Carpaccio with Avocado Puree and Crostini (below left), Korean Chicken Wings with Fresh Kimchee,  Soy Glaze and Garlic-Chili Braised Octopus (below right) and Pad Thai with Scallops and Bacon.

Hamachi Carpaccio from Blue DragonBraised Octopus from Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon doesn’t take reservations which makes sense due to the size of the restaurant. Each time I was quoted a wait of about an hour (even at 8pm on a Monday). The bar is a great place to kill time though and by the time you’ve tried one of Ming Tsai’s dishes you’ll realize that the meal is more than worth the wait.


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