Life Lately

With all of the craziness here in Boston recently, I realized I missed out on a few posts. Here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks…

Visiting with FamilyTwo weekends ago I went down to New Jersey with my parents to visit with two of my Mom’s aunts while one was visiting from Taiwan. I enjoy each opportunity I get to spend  time with them and hear stories from their childhood. My grandmother and her four sisters came over to the US from China at different times and ultimately have had such interesting  experiences and journeys.

Chinese Feast

Does the menu at your family gatherings include jellyfish, drunken chicken and lobster with ginger and scallions? A visit with my Mom’s family is never complete without a feast.


This past weekend, a few friends and I took part in Boston’s Ultimate Spring Workout on the Greenway. Participants got to take free classes outside on a gorgeous Saturday morning. There were two class choices at each time slot. I started the morning off with power yoga and then moved on to Zumba. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to get outside and moving!


Sunday I celebrated one of my high school friend’s upcoming wedding with a surprise bridal shower. As you can see in the montage of photos above, she was beyond surprised when she walked in to the restaurant. WIth her fiancee’s family in town from Philly, she thought she was taking a tour of scenes used to film the movie The Fighter. Little did she know that her family and friends were waiting to surprise her and shower her with every kitchen gadget on the planet!


Megan, the guest of honor, is in the center with all of the Reading girls at her shower. I encourage you to follow her blog, That’s What She Fed. Together with her fiancé Chuck (who provides the humor), Megan’s blog features great restaurant reviews and fantastic recipes.


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