Boston You’re My Home

I had a completely different post planned for today when I left my house at 9 o’clock this morning. Right now there are no words that can encapsulate what happened today at the Boston Marathon. Patriot’s Day is a Boston holiday that epitomizes everything that is good about this city: human accomplishment at the country’s oldest Marathon and our beloved Red Sox.

It saddens me beyond words that a day that for 117 years has been an occasion of pride and accomplishment for many has been darkened by such tragedy. This pointless act has temporarily dampened our spirit but like so many times before, Boston will once again prove to be resilient.

Being less than two blocks from the finish line when the blasts went off, I am overwhelmed by the footage of people instantly running towards the area of the explosion. It makes me realize that despite the presence of evil, there is much more good in this world.

I have never had an interest in being more than a spectator at the Boston Marathon. However today’s events inspires me to make an attempt to run next year. This day should not be ruined.



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