The Madness of March

Who’s having trouble being productive today? It is the time of year some say is better than Christmas and many employers hate.Let's enoy the first days of spring watching college basketball in a windowless bar. I read that corporate America loses, on average, $7k per basket during the NCAA Tournament. I don’t know if that is true or if that stat can actually be measured but even my non-sports loving friends find themselves getting caught up in office bracket pools. Whether you chose victories based on mascots and colors or you’re tweeting Andy Katz for the latest updates, it’s always fun to have one team to root on to the Final 4. I’m fortunate to have gone to a school that made it to the tournament for all four years of my undergrad years and the Final 4 the year after! We’re back in the tourney this year after a few key regular season wins and we’re looking to avenge UNC after a bad call forced us out of the tournament back during in 2005. Let’s hear it Wildcat Nation!

Who did you pick to win the tournament this year? Anyone predict an upset?


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