This Spring I’m Loving…

With snow falling outside, I keep having to remind myself that tomorrow is technically the first day of Spring. In honor of the big day tomorrow, I’ve gathered some of my favorite items for Spring 2013. Can you tell I’ve been craving color during the winter months?

6 things I'm loving this spring

1. Riley Solid Marino Crew ( – Spring in Boston requires lots of layers with our unpredictable weather. I bought this in the light gray.

2. TOMS ‘Classic’ Crochet Slip-On ( – I think I finally found a pair that are cute enough! Not sure if I’ll take the plunge though.

3. GapFit gFast capris ( – Won’t have to worry about cars not being able to see me when I can finally start running outside again.

4. Sawyer Pin Dot Shirt ( – I couldn’t resist buying this shirt because it reminded me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

5. Nike Running Shirt ( but no longer available) – This sold out quickly because it was on sale a few weeks ago. Don’t worry. I won’t wear this with the orange capris :)

6. Leopard Scarf (The Hil via Facebook) – My roommate has this scarf and every time she wears it I think about how much I want it. It comes in turquoise and neon yellow as well.

What are you dying to wear as soon as the weather gets nicer?


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